At Zareen, we offer our customers exceptional FMCG market penetration by way of a fast, seamless replenishment process across all retail channels.

We expertly serve all your marketing, retail distribution, food service penetration and shelf merchandising needs, as well as key account and credit management. Our extensive network capabilities further allow us to fully attend to the total product life cycle, from sourcing to marketing to distribution and on to end-user consumers.

Zareen Group features ambient storage facilities equipped with state of the art machineries. We additionally run our own fleet of vans, offering high flexibility, while ensuring timely and cost-efficient delivery.

Through best practices and continuous improvement, Zareen Group guarantees the highest standard of quality and safety for your FMCG products along supply chains.

FMCG is one of the biggest industries in the world. FMCG is all about names, the products which everyone recognises from trips to the supermarket.

Zareen Tea

Zareen Tea is one of the largest exporters of Sri Lankan tea across the world.

Freshly Plucked

The process of tea manufacture begins with the tea leaves because the quality of the leaf determines the quality of the tea. Zareen tea leaves are plucked fresh and packaged with utmost care to ensure the quality and aroma are not lost.

Different Varieties

Zareen Group, a pioneer in the tea distribution industry provides various types of flavoured and unflavoured tea including fruit tea and other local flavours indigenous to the tastes of consumers in different regions worldwide.

Zareen's Range of PRODUCTS

  • Tea

    Zareen Tea has a significant presence in the region and our Ceylon Tea is an all time favourite.

  • Olive oil

    Zareen group's Olive Oil is of fine quality and we are a major distributor in the region.

  • Grapeseeds oil

    Zareen group's Grapeseed Oil is famous for its quality and distinctive aroma.

  • Rice Bran Oil

    Zareen Groups Rice Bran Oil is for the health conscious. It is prepared using natural methods.

  • Sunflower oil

    Our Sunflower Oil is a preferred product among our customers for its high quality.

  • Corn oil

    Our Corn Oil is a preferred product among our customers for its high quality.

  • Sweet Corn

    We produce great quality packaged sweet corn for our consumers. It is an all time favourite product.

  • Cooking oil

    We distribute two varieties of cooking oil, namely, sunflower oil and corn oil.

  • Balsamic vinegar

    Balsamic Vinegar, originating from Italy is a worldwide favourite. Zareen Group is a leading distributor.

  • Rice

    We import the finest quality rice from India ensuring quality, We provide both Sella and Steam rice.

  • Pickeled Cucumber

    Zareen Group’s unique packaged Pickeled Cucumber has seen increasing demand in the market

  • Tomoto Paste

    Our Tomato Paste is a preferred item for our customers and has seen growing demand in the region.

About Us

Zareen Group commenced its business in UAE in the year 1991 as a General Trading Organization, abiding by the rules and regulations of UAE under the commercial license issued by the UAE Economic Department and Chamber of Commerce.


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